Zomato's delivery boy hits the punch in the woman's face when she cancels the order

Zomato's delivery boy punch in the woman's face when she cancels the order because he was 1 hour late

Zomato's delivery boy hits the punch in the woman's face when she cancels the order
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A shocking incident has come to light from the city of Bengaluru. Here, the delivery boy of the Zomato company who ordered food online attacked a working woman for cancelling the order. The delivery boy gave a punch to the woman's nose, which broke her nose. The victim woman says that the incident happened to them on Tuesday night.

Hitesha Chandrani, a resident of Bangalore, is a content creator and makeup artist. Hitesha released a video on social media stating that he was beaten up by a Zomato delivery executive who came to deliver lunch to his house on Tuesday. When Hitesha cancelled the order, the two got into an argument and an angry boy hit a punch on his face, causing a fracture in his nose bone.

Delivery Boy was not reached for an hour

In this regard, Hitesha says that he had ordered food from Zomato at three and a half in the afternoon, but the delivery boy did not come till about four and a half hours in the evening, he called customer care and asked to cancel the order. At the same time, shortly after the delivery boy arrived, he refused to take the order. There was a debate between the two on this matter. Meanwhile, the delivery boy hits his nose with a punch and escapes. After this Hitesha started bleeding from his nose. His heart is also fractured.

Story shared by sharing video 

Hitesha has shared a video of it, in which she is telling about the incident how Zomato Delivery Boy attacked her. Hitesh uploaded this video on Instagram and within a few hours, this video has seen about two lakh people.

The company also responded through social media

After this video surfaced, Zomato also expressed grief over the incident via social media. The company said in its statement that this experience is very bad. We assure you that the local representative of the company will contact you soon for your help. At the same time, along with the help of medical care, the police investigation has also been saying. With this, the company has regretted the incident in its response and said that we will take all such necessary steps so that such incidents do not happen in future.