Rahul Gandhi Arrested By UP Police.

Rahul Gandhi Arrested By UP Police.
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Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi alleged on Thursday that he was pushed to the ground and lathi-charged when he and his sister Priyanka Gandhi were marching on the highway between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh after their convoy was stopped on its way to Hathras. Later, Rahul was arrested by Uttar Pradesh police.

Rahul Gandhi, who has been stopped and arrested at Yamuna Expressway on his way to Hathras, asked police, "I want to walk to Hathras alone. Please tell me under which section are you arresting me."

Police said, "We are arresting you under Section 188 IPC for violation of an order. "

Rahul and Priyanka were on the way to meet the family of the gang rape victim who died on Tuesday and whose late-night cremation by the UP police has provoked nationwide outrage.

Just now police pushed me, lathicharged me and threw me to the ground. I want to ask, can only Modi Ji walk in this country? Can't a normal person walk? Our vehicle was stopped, so we started walking, said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.