Mumbai Police Rattled? Claims, Republic TV was manipulating TPR.

Mumbai Police Rattled?  Claims, Republic TV was manipulating TPR.

In an astonishing turn of events, Mumbai Police filed a complaint against Republic TV for TRP manipulations.

Mumbai Police commissioner Param Bir Singh said - 3 channels including Republic TV used to increase TRP by paying money, 500 rupees were given to people daily to run the same channel.

The Mumbai Police on Thursday claimed to have busted the Fake TRP racket. Police commissioner Parambir Singh told the press conference that 3 channels, including Republic TV, used to buy TRPs and pay money. 2 people have been arrested in this case. People associated with these channels will be called for questioning.

The commissioner said that we had received information that fake propaganda was being run. The crime branch then investigated and busted the racket. Investigations are being carried out against the promoter and director of the Republic. Those detained have confessed that these channels used to pay money and change TRPs.

How was the TRP game was being played?

The commissioner said that during the investigation, houses have been found where the TRP meter was installed. A single channel was run throughout the day, by paying money to the people of these houses, so that the TRP of the channel would increase. He also told that some of the houses, they have come to know about, even though they were closed, used to run TVs inside. In response to a question, the commissioner also said that up to Rs 500 a day was given to these householders, by the channel or agency.

In response to above allegations 'Republic TV' promoter, Arnab Goswami has issued a statement condemning Police action, and accusing commissioner Parambir Singh of acting with malice.