Sadhguru controversy : Traditionalist hindus vs Sadhguru followers

Sadhguru controversy : Traditionalist hindus vs Sadhguru followers
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Jaggi Vasudev is also known as Sadhguru is a very famous personality among Indian as well as youths of other countries. From Tamil, Telugu film Industry to Hollywood, the many actors, the actress joined Sadhguru on many occasions. But recently an old, edited video of Sadhguru was highlighted on social media. There Sadhguru said, "Mother Yashodha did rasa with Lord Krsna".

After this tweet, all practising Hindus started abusing Sadhguru. Many Traditionalist Hindus who called themselves Trads, wanted to lynch Sadhguru. After these incidents, the String reveals team came with an explanation video though there was a highly abusive word used by them. 

Another Twitter user name @vedicnaveen claimed that Trads were abusing Arya Samaj, Yati Narsimhanand Saraswati, Swami Vivekananda. Here the fight started. One after one, doxxing was done, many Saint's images were morphed. Soon after, Mahadevangini came with another explanation. 

TRADS also claimed that Sadhguru is funded by Soros and other anti-Indian elements. They didn't stop it here, they shared an edited paper crop to defame Sadhguru. Vijay Patel busted that wrong info and smashed the propaganda. 

TRADS are working against Sadhguru and other religious gurus. Left lobby's hatred towards Sadhguru is known to all, but now these bunch of tradcells are also against the unity of Hinduism. They distorted the video, shared the fake article to disrupt the "FreeTNtemple" movement. Finally, Sadguru came with a video regarding this issue and explained what was the motive behind his speech.