Exposed - The link between Saket Gokhale and Khalistani organization Poetic Justice Foundation(PJF).

Saket Gokhale is a known RTI activist. He is very close to Congress party and Rahul Gandhi. The article exposes his connection with anti-India Khalistani organization Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF) has been exposed.

Exposed - The link between Saket Gokhale and Khalistani organization Poetic Justice Foundation(PJF).
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Recently, we found a video of an audio chat room shared by Twitter user Chandni Shah (@adv_chandnishah) alleging that Saket Gokhale spread misinformation and incited tensions that led to Red Fort violence on Republic Day. Few other people Pindie, Danish, Esha, Isha, Amish et al. were also mentioned in the chat.

We decided to look into the matter.

In the chat, everyone’s profile pic has a mute-sign on while Saket Gokhale is the only profile which is unmuted (there is a border around his avatar that flashes when he pauses while speaking, which indicates that the voice is coming from that avatar user.)

The chat is being done on ClubHouse, an app for iOS users (created by Rohan Seth @rohanseth Co-founder of @joinClubhouse).

We dug for details about every person who was in the chat, below is the list of all those who were present.

Pindie Dhaliwal @kutti_no_1 @babbar_sherni_, @pindiedee Wife of Monminder Singh Dhaliwal (@modhaliwal), founder of Poetic Justice Foundation @PoeticJFdn 

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Navkender Singh @navkendarsingh |  New Delhi, India
Navkender Singh's Profile: Click Here | Archive link -

Danish Khan @DanishKh4n | Delhi, India 

Jashima Wadehra @Jashimaw @Jashimaw | Queens, NY

Saket Gokhale @SaketGokhale

Esha Datanwala @eshpvt @eshadatanwala @bydatanwala | Mumbai, India

Amish Singhal @NerdyWasabi | Gurugram, Haryana

Isha Chitnis @ishaachitnis @isha.chitnis | Pune, India [Co-Founder: Adivasi Lives Matter

Ranjeet Kaur @SikhColouring | England, UK 

Ankit Chaudhari @iankitchaudhari | Gurgaon, Haryana

Amrinder Singh @AmrinderSingh__ | Philadelphia, PA 

Niharika Prakash @niharika_pra | Cologne, Germany 

AmarAtma Khalsa @AmarAtmaKhalsa | Phoenix, AZ 

Jasmine Dhaliwal @jatti | Shawnee, Kansas

Akashi Kaul @akashikaul | Fairfax, VA 

Shipra Sharma @shipra_diaries | NYC  

Neelam Brar @neelambrar | Burnaby, BC, Canada 

How they all are connected to each other -

Not everyone knows the id of Pindie Dhaliwal; it is tough to find her ID. however, Saket knew it.

Here Saket is following them including @kutti_no_1 @babbar_sherni_ (Pindie Dhaliwal), wife of Mo Dhaliwal.

Let's see what they have shared -

We can see the Danish's profile pic which is same as in the video on top shared by Adv Chandni Shah

[Archive link -]


Danish Live in Delhi & he used to speak with Pindie Dhaliwal & others in Audio Chat

[Archive link -]

The same Audio chat event was also shared by Shipra Sharma. 

Link of that event - EVENT | [Archive link -]

Amish Singhal shared one more link for an audio chat with Pindie Dhaliwal. [Archive link -]

The link to join - Event - Republic Day, Farmers Protest and South Asian Women | [Archive link -]

The above JoinClubHouse audio chat event for "CENSORED: the worlds largest protest right now" on Jan 26 at 11:35 AM PST was shared by 2 ladies:

By Jasmine Dhaliwal [Archive link -]

And by Shipra Sharma - []

Well, Saket was already using the ClubHouse App, he himself tweeted - [Archive link -]

Here, Part Robot's reply to the deleted tweet is still there. [Archive link -]

We can see that the people who were tagged in the deleted tweet are the ones who were present in the audio chat shared by Adv Chandani Shah. 

Ranjeet Kaur was also sharing the same Audio Chat link by tagging Saket Gokhale. [Archive - ]

Saket Gokhale exposed himself by liking that tweet. He gave his acknowledgement by liking that tweet.

Here is the tweet link showing people list who liked above tweet LINK [ Archive Link - ]

It is obvious from about records that Saket Gokhale, along with others mentioned in the tweet, is in touch with Khalistani Organization (PJF )and that he attended the webinar organized by them. He has a link with MoDhaliwal & PJF and works with the anti-India forces. He is helping them attack India's sovereignty and unity, in the national interest, the Government must take cognizance and investigate this matter as soon as possible.