'Shaurya' ready to blow China away!

India is strengthening its defence amid tensions with China. 'Shaurya' has been successfully tested in Balasore.

'Shaurya'  ready to blow China away!

•India is testing missiles amidst tension along the border with China

•Ground-to-ground 'Shaurya' missile test successful

•Its range is 800 kilometres, can also carry a nuclear payload 

New Delhi / Balasore
India has successfully tested the new version of the 'Shaurya' missile. The new missile is light in weight & easily operatable. News agency ANI was quoted by government sources as saying that the missile could hit the target about 800 km away. 'Shaurya' is a ground-to-ground missile. It can carry a nuclear payload with it. Amid tensions with China, India has tested several missiles and defence systems in recent times.

What is special about 'Shaurya'?

·     It is a ground version of a ballistic missile launched from a submarine.

·   This two-stage rocket missile operates at six times the speed of sound before reaching a height of 40 km, after that, it moves towards the target.

· This missile operates from solid fuel but can guide itself towards the target towards the cruise missile.

· The missile is so fast that the enemy's radar across the border will get less than 400 seconds to detect, track, and intercept it.

·  It can be stored in a composite canister, which can be easily hidden.