Shocking: First death in India due to Corona Delta plus variants !

Shocking: First death in India due to Corona Delta plus variants !
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A woman infected with the Delta Plus variant of coronavirus has died in Madhya Pradesh. This is the first death in that state among patients infected with the Delta plus variant. The deceased woman is a resident of Ujjain. The local administration confirmed the death on Wednesday.

So far, Delta Plus variants have been found in the bodies of 5 people in Madhya Pradesh. 3 of them are from Bhopal and 2 from Ujjain. Of these 5, the woman from Ujjain was the first to die. The remaining 4 victims have been reported to have recovered.

However, the woman had already died. Raunak, the nodal covid officer of Ujjain, confirmed the Delta Plus species on Wednesday by analyzing the genome. He said the woman died on May 23. The husband had contracted covid before the woman. It is learned that the woman's husband took two vaccines. But the woman had to get a vaccine.

Regarding the matter, Madhya Pradesh Medical Education Minister Biswas Sarang said, "The government is keeping an eye on the matter. The government has not yet issued a statement on whether the death was the first of its kind in the country. However, it is believed that this is the first death in the country due to the Delta plus variant.