Shocking: Greedy medical staffs are selling an empty vial of Remdesivir

Shocking: Greedy medical staffs are selling an empty vial of Remdesivir
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5 arrested for selling Remdesivir for the second consecutive day, 7 caught so far. 10 Remdesivir injections that went missing three days before ESIC Hospital - Police. 

The special team of the district police arrested 5 people on Thursday for the second consecutive day while selling Remdesivir. So far 7 people including two doctors have been arrested. On Wednesday, doctors of private hospital Maheed Aamir and Maheet Patidar were caught bargaining for 35-35 thousand rupees, then on Thursday, the resident radiographer Chirag Kalal, who gave these injections to these doctors, was also caught. Apart from Chirag, there is also medical staff employee and Biopharma student Bhupendra Singh Chundawat (22), Global Management student Aryan Patwa, private hospital nursing worker Shubham Kalal (25) and 108 ambulance nursing worker Subhash Garg (27) in Nathdwara. Four injections were also recovered from them.

In such a situation, the big question is, where were these injections from LA? Was there any other injection in place of Remdesivir from somewhere? After all, how was this trickery going on? Two chains have just emerged of the accused, who were arranging the injection from different places.

It was also revealed in the investigation that these crooks were bargaining for breath due to the greed of a few rupees. They were not only snatching the breath of patients admitted in hospitals but were also becoming enemies of the lives of the patients who bought injections by filling other medicines in the empty vial of Remdesivir. According to sources, on April 18, 10 days missing from ESIC Hospital has been revealed. However, it is not yet clear.

Remdesivir injection reaches the Kareena ward, with high officials. The days are fixed and issued according to the patients. There is a record in the papers that so many injections have taken place, but there is no system to monitor whether the whole dose has been put or not? The administration also did not make a rule that patients will get a second dose only after depositing the empty vial after applying the dodge. This rule too would have prevented the black marketing of Remdesivir to a great extent. Police inquiry revealed that in the last 4-5 days, about 80 Remedesvir have been sold. Accused doctors Maheed Abir Khan and Maheit have sold about 50 remedisquires. The accused Chirag 9, Aryan 3, Shubham 15, the remaining Subhash and Bhupendra have been arrested.