Shocking - Horrific murder of an 80 years old Hindu Sadhu in MP!

A Saint murdered in Madhya Pradesh. No media, so far, has reported this issue.

Shocking - Horrific murder of an 80 years old Hindu Sadhu in MP!

  After Palghar lynching, another ghastly murder of Saint / Sadhu happened in Madhya Pradesh. Some radical elements killed 80 years old saint in Harda, MP on 24/9/20. It's very astonishing that even after 7 days, no national or regional media has reported this issue. It seems that killing of innocent sadhus is becoming a normal activity for criminals.

But why does media remain silent on Sadhu's lynching? There are many points for this reason.

Source - Facebook

1) Biased view - It's known to all that a large section of Indian media has a biased view towards Hindus. After the Malegaon bomb blast, NDTV aired a show titled "Hindu terror - a myth or reality". Rahul Gandhi also spoke of Hindu terror, in the USA. In reality, there is nothing radical in Hinduism.

There is no mention of killing innocent people in Hinduism religious books.

2) Hinduphobia - From Hathras rape case to Asifa rape, media's Hinduphobia came into light. Media targetted Hindus willingly by putting words like "Dalit daughter", "Upper cast terror" etc. Venomous propagandists like Arfa Khanum who are masquerading as a journalist continuously peddling lies in the name of Hindutva.

So-called Hindutva party, BJP, leadership must be questioned about the rising crime against Hindus. Why CM of MP, Mr Shivraj Singh didn't utter a single word? Why didn't PM Narendra Modi Ji said a single word about Palghar lynching? The government must answer these questions and arrest all the culprits.