Shocking : Ward Boy, ICU Attendant in Gwalior were selling plasma to covid patient for 20 thousand.

Shocking : Ward Boy, ICU Attendant in Gwalior were selling plasma to covid patient for 20 thousand.
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So far, black marketing of plasma has been started in Madhya Pradesh with Remadecivir injection. Ward Boy of ICICI Jairogya, the largest hospital in Gwalior, ICU Attendants were selling plasma together with an auto driver agent. TI Jhansi Road Mirza Asif Baig implicated the agent in the trap by describing himself as the family of a cavidant patient. It was decided to buy a bag of plasma for 20 thousand rupees. As soon as the accused brought the plasma, the police arrested him. After interrogation, the other accused were arrested and arrested.

The arrested accused have revealed that till now they had sold 10 plasma packets. The plasma is real and the certificate it has got is fake. Two of the racket members, JAH's ward boy, auto driver have been caught, while the ICU's attendant is still absconding. People who recover from the plasma corona donate it to the plasma bank.

SP Gwalior Amit Sanghi said that news was being received for a long time that some people were being injected with Remedesivir and black marketing of plasma. On this, ASP Hitika Vasal was hired to disclose the entire case. Meanwhile, it was reported that some JAH employees were involved in the racket. TI Jhansi Road Mirza Asif Baig approached the gang member auto driver as a customer.

Talked about getting plasma for a private hospital by becoming a family of a covid patient. After negotiating with the agent, he also sought a doctor's form when the deal was finalized. TI also sent a doctor's form to the agent. The agent then called Mandre's mother on Tuesday to deliver the plasma. TI reached there in civil dress with his team. They notice that a person is already waiting for them with plasma. The police immediately reached him and arrested him. He turned out to be JAH's ward boy Shyam Gautam. On his spot, the racket agent Anil Auto Driver has also been arrested. The third partner is still absconding. He is also an attendant of JAH's ICU.

Plasma deal was done for 20 thousand rupees

TI agreed to give plasma when the agent spoke to the corona-infected family. When he asked for money, he started asking for sarcasm, but TI told him that he is a poor man, reduce it a bit. On this, the agent started explaining to him that he is not providing plasma in the same way, he is providing you somehow. After this the deal was settled for 20 thousand rupees.

Free plasma and used to charge 20 to 30 thousand rupees

The gang members used to bring plasma from the plasma bank itself. Plasma used to be real. In this, the hospital staff used to take out plasma from the bank on fake name and prescription by showing them admitted in super specialty. From here, plasma was available for free for the Kovid patient admitted in the government hospital. After this, he used to sell it outside for 20 to 30 thousand rupees. A certificate was also found with the plasma packet captured, which is in the name of a Vijita Shakya patient admitted to the Super Specialty Hospital, while no patient with this name is admitted there. Police suspect that some member of the plasma bank could also be connected to the racket.