Sikh-Muslim bhaichara - Sikh youth's plea to stop converting 9-year-old son to Muslim.

Another beautiful example of Sikh Muslim 'bhaichara'. As usual Sikh man forced to convert in Islam after marrying a Muslim girl. Again a kuffar sikh become 'chara' for muslims.

Sikh-Muslim bhaichara - Sikh youth's plea to stop converting 9-year-old son to Muslim.
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A 36-year-old Sikh youth has filed a petition in the Chandigarh District Court against his Muslim wife and in-laws. In the petition, she has alleged that she is being threatened by her in-laws to leave Sikhism and convert to Islam. Even he is being beaten up badly. He does not want to leave Sikhism at any cost, so he escapes with his wife and in-laws. But he is sad that his son is still with his wife.

He fears that his wife and his family will forcefully convert his 9-year-old son into a Muslim. They are also going to circumcise his son. Therefore, he has filed a petition in the court and has demanded that his son should not be forcibly converted. The court has issued notice on his petition. The matter will be heard on July 20. The local Sikh community has also come forward for social support. Along with this, the youth along with his lawyer and leader of the Sikh community will meet Chandigarh SSP Kuldeep Singh Chahal on Thursday. The SSP has given them an appointment.

Advocate Dixit Arora has filed the petition on behalf of the Sikh youth. Dixit told that when the young man came to him, he wanted immediate relief. So we put the civil suit in the court so that his and the son's Sikhi would not be left behind. He further said that under section 295A read with section 298, FIR can also be filed against the accused for hurting religious feelings. 

At the same time, the Sikh youth told in the complaint that he is originally from Amritsar and had come here to do a job. 13 years ago he had love marriage with a Muslim girl. From the first day, he was told that change your name to Tahir and when you come to your in-laws' house, take off your cap and kada. After a few days, everything was fine but then his wife's family started interfering and pressurized him to convert to Islam. So he went to Delhi with his wife and son to ignore. Then a few years later he came to Amritsar. But here also his wife started forcing him to go back to Chandigarh. He came to Chandigarh in 2016 at the behest of his wife and started living in a rented house. Here in his house, his in-laws also started living forcibly and forced him to remove the kada and turban.

The complainant told that one day he got fed up and went to Amritsar with his son. So that both of them could not change their religion. But there too, threats started on the phone. Eventually he had to return to Chandigarh again. Now he has escaped from his in-laws' house but his son is still with them.