Squeaks Media - 100% Indian Social Media App | Squeaks Media CEO Neel Patel

Squeaks media is a 100% Indian application. Aatmnirbhar-Bharat (Self Sufficient India), the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of making India a self-sufficiant & self-reliant country. Neel Patel, CEO of squeaks media, tells the story behind launch of the App.

Squeaks Media - 100% Indian Social Media App | Squeaks Media CEO Neel Patel
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Neel Patel, a common man from Gandhinagar, who now lives in the US since the past several years, is a successful businessman.

Despite currently being in US, he always helps the people in India, helping patients in hospitals, helping children to study, and various people in need. He recently helped hundreds of people during the Corona pandemic.

When PM Narendra Modi started the Atamnirbhar Bharat scheme and asked the countrymen to become self-reliant, Neel Patel responded through Squeak - an indigenous app (like Facebook/Twitter).

On 15 August, he launched the Squeaks App; Whatsapp-like swadeshi - NaaradApp; and, Phone pe- like swadeshi (NaaradPay)

Neel says, whatever profit will be made from this, except service charge, will be spent on the education of poor children in India. He ask people to also be a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's self-reliant India campaign, by downloading this app.

Everyone curious to know, what is Squeaks? What is the meaning of Squeaks? Are we going to experience a 100%  Indian Social Media in the coming days?

India has the largest number of social media users in the world, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube every platform is dominated by Indian traffic. Indians often thought, why do we not have our own Social Media Platform.

Indian social media means- the app that is developed by Indians within India. And, this application is all-in-one kind of platform.

This app is a game changer, as it is a  single app with multi-functions. Like a combo of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and your own news laundry.

Isn’t it amazing, plus it is Indian - 100% indigenous!

Let’s discuss some of the features of this app. 

Squeaks video is very similar to Youtube app. We are all acquainted with the functioning of Youtube. Same as youtube, Squeaks allows you to watch several videos at one place, no matter from which field it is. You can watch any video on this platform, be it related to news or entertainment, you can find study material for your studies, you can learn anything from this platform.

Squeak Dubs
Here you have your very own Tik-ToKish way to express yourself with music or Videos.

Squeaks Audio and Video Channels
You can launch Youtube type Video or Audio channels on Squeaks with prerecorded or Live content.

Squeaks Shops
Here user can create their online store and can sell any Physical or Digital products the same as eBay.

Squeaks Themes
You can design your Squeaks your own way, your own color, and arrange Squeak Features as you want.

News Laundry
Here you can read any Newspaper news highlights from around the world.

Squeaks Launchpad
Here people can create their Business and Advertisement offers and can advertise the business and offers within the geo-location of their business.

Squeaks Messaging
One to One or One to Many Messaging. One to One Voice or Video Calls, One to Many Voice and Video Calls between mutual followers.

Squeaks Groups and Pages
Users can create Squeaks Private or Public groups and brand pages. Timeline with 360 characters limit, HashTags, GeoLocation tags, Squeaks, Likes, Share Squeaks, Quote Squeaks. One or Multi Pictures posting, One or Multi Video Posting (Video 5 Minutes Max.) Share on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Follow & Notifications.

Social site Like Facebook, VideoSqueaks Like Youtube, online classroom, and tuition coaching for Students.

Squeaks Media App: