Students plan to protest against PM Modi on 25th February

Students and many teachers have decided to protest against Narendra Modi on 25th February, They are going to trend #Modi_rojgar_do on that day. In this article, we are going to discuss the student's problem and why everyone should support this movement.

Students plan to protest against PM Modi on 25th February
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It's known to all that student is the future of our nation. It is the Indian youth who will make 'Vishwa guru'. But, now the government isn't listening to the youth's voice, student's voice. From 2-3 days, all students are trending #modi_rojgar_do and #cgl19marks. It was trending at number 1 on Twitter. This trend was started by Abhinay Sharma sir. Later many teachers from the Career will team like Gagan Pratap sir, Rakesh sir, and the whole Study IQ team came to support this trend. Now students along with teachers have planned to protest on 25th February on twitter. 

But why are they trending this? Let's see this -

The problem of Normalization

SSC uses the normalization formula to calculate the final score of a candidate based on the difficulty of its shift. The formula is based on the average marks scored in a particular shift that determines the difficulty level. The normalization is based on the fundamental assumption that “in all multi-shift examinations, the distribution of abilities of candidates is the same across all the shifts”. But this system doesn't bring any equality. It's reported that many students didn't select even after scoring 80% in the paper. This system should be ended as soon as possible. 

It is beautifully explained by Rakesh Sir -

Decreasing Job vacancy -

It is seen that the number of vacancies is decreasing continuously. As we know India is facing the highest unemployment rate from independence, still govt. is decreasing the number of vacancies.

These are the year-wise vacancy number of IBPS PO. In 2012, it was 22,000 now it reduces to 1417. Now let's look at the SSC vacancy number-


In 2014 it was 15549, now it is 7000 (approx) in 2020. Not only CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, Railway, LIC PO, UPSC CSE, each and every section, but the number of vacancies has also been reduced in a significant number. Definitely this not 'Achchhe Din'. 

Now students are also complaining about late joining. earlier all recruitment process was done within one year but now it becomes a 5-year process. Students who passed in 2018 CGL, haven't joined yet. 

All teachers have requested to students, media portals not to make it a political issue. They have also requested media portals to hear the student's voice. PM Modi should look into this matter asap. The government have to resolve this issue. If students continued their protest against PM Modi, he will face defeat in the upcoming election.