Expose: Team Saath, Group of Anti Hindu people.

Expose: Team Saath, Group of Anti Hindu people.
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Team Saath, a Twitter handle who claims that they "Stand Against Abuse Troll Harassment". But their activity shows they only report selectively. They especially report Hindu and nationalist people. In their tweet, they said that they identify abusers whose bio contain Hindu Flag, Jai Shree Ram, DP of Gods and so on.

Here is the tweet -

Now, we can see several instances when Team Saath gets support from the Pakistani handle like @Zackula2. Now let's look at some famous bluetick handle who supports Team Saath. 

Here are some of the old tweets by Team Saath's supporters -

There is a twist in this topic, None of the above users is the founder of Team Saath. The founder of Team Saath is - Linguist (Twitter id - @TheLinguist03). It is mentioned in Linguist's profile bio. After doing some investigation, we found there is 2 Twitter ID used by Team Saath. 

  1. @TeamSaath | Email id - teamsaathofficial@gmail.com | Joined Twitter - 13 Nov 2020
  2. @SaathTeam  [Protected Mode]

The Linguist Handel's Owner has 3 IDs, actually, 4 in total which will come to know later. 

@TheLinguist03 | ~2000 Followers

@TheLinguist_ | ~1700 Followers

@TheLinguist_2 [Main] | ~13.5k Followers

The linguist showed how Team Saath was formed -


Some details of the ID of The Linguist -

@TheLinguist_ | Joined on July 2020

      Connected with email: pr************@g****.***

      Email: thelinguist05@gmail.com

      YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw3r0KFGSLTcueErzY-d7Jg/

      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelinguist2/

@TheLinguist03Joined on Nov 2020

@TheLinguist_2 [Old Username: @TheLinguist5] | Joined on 16 Aug 2018

BIO: click the hashtags #TheLinguistIsHere #TheCommonErrorsSeries #TheLinguistWordPower #HindiLinguist 

[ hashtags helped us to reach the main account & expose ]

As said in Bio, click the hashtags, we started clicking and checking for clues.

We started searching with #TheCommonErrorsSeries on Facebook and got 2 results, profiles who are sharing those hashtags.

1- FB: @goodengli [Common English Errors]

2- FB: proof.reader.969 [Grammar Cop]

We checked the FB page: @goodengli and found 1 Blogspot website address which is https://mycorrectengforall.blogspot.com/ whose admin is ‘Grammar Nazi’

We searched with the same Blogspot link on Twitter and found that Blog link was shared on 1 Sept 2019 by Twitter user Sameer Nasri @SameerNasri11

[Bio: Grammer Nazi], who is living in Delhi & Joined twitter on 13 Aug 2018. 

Tweet that has BlogSpot website Link. He also retweeted the tweets of @TheLinguist_2.

Connected Phone & Emails are:

   xxxxxxxx72 [Connected with FB ID @proof.reader.969]

   fi******0@gmail.com [Connected with FB ID @sameer.nasri.9678]

Twitter Profile picture of Sameer says:Never take English for granted!

Found same as in Bio of the Facebook profile of Grammar Cop [proof.reader.969], which also has Same profile pic as of Twitter ID @TheLinquist_2

Blogspot site was also shared by Facebook profile Grammar Cop [proof.reader.969] on 21 Sept 2019 followed by Sameer who first shared on his Twitter ID on 1 Sept 2019.

Link: Click here 

We also found Facebook profile of Sameer Nasri: sameer.nasri.9678

We found that both Grammar Cop & Sameer Nasri have the same location ‘Imphal’. We can also cross-check with the connected Phone & email ID of Twitter ID SameerNasri11 :

   - xxxxxxxx72 [Connected with FB ID of Grammar Cop @proof.reader.969]

   - fixxxxxx0@gmail.com [Connected with FB ID of Sameer Nasri @sameer.nasri.9678]

Now we can say that the above 3 IDs with the name The Linguist are Fake accounts of Sameer Nasri who may sit in Delhi and running this propaganda with Sushant Singh

Someone on Twitter assumed this in 2019 -

 Linguist's sly on someone's English -

Here Linguist showed her ego -

Now, let's see his language on Twitter & they are talking about Fighting and Standing Against Abuse Troll Harassment (SAATH) -

The story about him [My Personal Opinion]

  • Wanted to gain followers for his proofreading (skills or has software god) but being a girl not boy under the IDs of TheLinguist.
  • So he used to fly everywhere on Twitter by correcting everyone's grammar & spellings….. 
  • Actually, he used to correct other's English tweet and use male jokes on people as well. 
  • Has an ego problem as well.

Team Saath's Twitter ids are mentioned here -

@BeQusoor  @DoggoMamma  @NurulQuamar  @HiyaSaat

@zayn_zohnty  @mcshivanisen  @SimmiAhuja_  @MFuturewala

@MomoCallme  @amitsssharma [Cyber Professional]  @ikaveri

@peony_22  @Ghor_Panchayati  @ch_mohd_muslim  @SaathTeam

@BsSheeba  @Piquant1980  @sujata1978  @Anishakhtar

@iamAamer4India  @Sheebabs22  @rachanamohan  @biryani_stan

@aboringbong  @DrJwalaG  @KdasDeepak