The Dark side of Crowd Funding

The Dark side of Crowd Funding

This article was written after verifying details from the Hospital, where the beneficiary of the campaign was hospitalized but not for the treatment that she has mentioned. 

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and alternative finance.

For some, it's a blessing and for some, it's a dark web to accumulate money through illegal means. Emotional blackmailing is a new trend to garner money. Shocked and moved?

Readers fasten your seatbelts:

A case from Crowd Funding Priti

Case link: Milaap Funding Source for Preeti

This post was posted on 7th September by a person named Saurabh Rai who claims to be her friend and he is trying his level best to take her out from this adverse situation which she is battling all alone.

"Friend in need is a friend indeed"

The world needs people like Saurabh who has taken the pain to run a campaign single-handedly to save his friend's life but there is a catch.  In the fundraiser page account details mentioned is of RBL bank and the twitter post which is made by the handle under the name of PRITI YADAV has mentioned account details of another bank isn't that surprising?

She has hidden the replies as well when she felt those replies will affect her crowdfunding campaign but the question arises whether a genuine and authentic case needs to shy away from the questions?

When asked for other modes of payment to contribute, she diligently responded that she doesn't own a Paytm account but they can send money to her friend's account. (Kindly refer the snapshots attached above).

Our team investigated the matter from MAX HOSPITAL, Vaishali, and were flabbergasted with the findings  from the hospital admission department that there is no such patient has been admitted into the hospital of name carrying Priti Yadav who is supposed to undergo any kind of Kidney related operations,

The reports and bill posted on the crowdfunding website is the estimated bill of the operation which is easily available at any hospital across India and surprisingly it has been approved and verified by which also raises the credibility of the fund-raisers being run under their umbrella.

This information has been duly verified by the Max officials as contacted by our Editors (Ashutosh Gupta and Shakti Swamy) and one patient named Priti Yadav age 22 years was admitted on 4th September and was duly discharged the next day and the bill amount was INR 22,768/- only.

We request the competent authorities to kindly verify the claims and take suitable action against the fundraising website and the campaign manager as well if something found suspicious.

Till today approx 7,00,000 rupees have been crowdfunded on the website and if claims are proven then it's a matter of serious concern that needs to be dealt with stringent actions as per the land of law.

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