The hypocrisy of the Left

The hypocrisy of the Left

Acquittal of Dr Kafeel Khan, who was detained under NSA, by Allahabad High Court, is being hailed as his redemption, which it is. Being found ‘not guilty’ by the court means just that. There is no other way around it. As of today, Dr Khan is a free man, not guilty.

The point I want to raise is, why the very people who are rejoicing at the acquittal of Dr Khan by the court, don’t value similar judgments in other cases? 

Mr Modi has been vilified much, but all cases against him were found to be baseless, and he has been cleared of all the charges. But the leftist propaganda machine continues to harp on these issues even today. 

Another and even more interesting is the recent case of Mr Prashant Bhushan, who has been held in contempt of court by the Highest court in the country. The very same people who are gleefully accepting the verdict in Dr Khan’s case are the ones griping about a biased judiciary on SC's verdict of holding Mr Bhushan in contempt of the court! 

How is it acceptable, that when a verdict is in their favour they drum roll it as a victory of democracy, but when it is against them, they pass it off as doomsday for India? 

If they want the judiciary to give all the decisions in their favour, why is the judiciary even required?