The truth of the Hathras village - incident revealed by Deepak Sharma

This comes amid the nationwide outrage over the gang-rape and murder of a 19-year-old & 22-year-old woman in Uttar Pradesh. Amid the nationwide outrage over the gang-rape and murder of a 19-year-old woman from Hathras, another woman was allegedly gang-raped and killed by two people in Uttar Pradesh's Balrampur on Tuesday (September 29).

The truth of the Hathras village - incident revealed by Deepak Sharma
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The truth of the Hathras village incident is revealed by Deepak Sharma:

Deepak Sharma went to Hathras to perform a sting operation, he met a resident and was told a very surprising story.

There are big allegations by a person that he wanted to bring the truth behind the Hathras incident out, but the media was not listening to him. The person wanted to reveal the truth of Hathras-murder case, when Deepak Sharma asked his name, he told, without fear, that his name is Omkar Singh.

When Deepak Sharma asked Omkar Singh, 'Who had assaulted that girl with such ruthlessness?', he alleged that it was her mother and brothers who brutally assaulted the girl.

On hearing these allegations, Deepak Sharma immediately asked once again 'who assaulted her?'

When Deepak Sharma asked the question back, the answer by Omkar Singh is the same, 'girl was brutally assaulted by his mother and brother.'

On hearing Omkar Singh's answer, Deepak Sharma said to him, 'but the mother's allegation is that those boys were sexually assaulting her daughter.' On hearing this, Omkar Singh said that this charge was absolutely fake and baseless & that girl's mother is telling lies.

On this, Deepak Sharma said that 'do you have any idea of how big accusation you are making, people can also trap you for making such accusation?'

Omkar immediately replied and said, 'He knows that whatever he is saying is correct and he is ready to bear all the difficulties.'

After this Deepak Sharma said to him that you are saying that the boys are innocent, then who are the perpetrators, how did the girl die?

Despite repeatedly asking the same question, Omkar Singh kept replying the same - again and again  - that the girl was killed by her mother and brothers.

When Deepak Sharma asked Omkar Singh 'why was the girl killed?', he replied that the girl was having a love affair with Sandeep, but Sandeep was not there during that incident.

Then Deepak Sharma asked, 'where was Sandeep in such circumstances?'

Omkar Singh replied that Sandeep was with his parents at that time and he was giving water to the cows.

Deepak Sharma said that after hearing all this, the thing that comes to the fore is that the rape issue has been created deliberately and it is a case of mutual enmity only, nothing more.

Deepak Sharma has tweeted this, you can hear all the incidents in the video:-