ICMR head says – Third wave of corona will not come due to Delta+ variant; Third wave will not be as deadly as second.

ICMR head says – Third wave of corona will not come due to Delta+ variant; Third wave will not be as deadly as second.
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After the second wave of Corona proved fatal for the country, now there is talk of third wave in the whole country. Everywhere there is the question of how deadly the third wave will be. Dainik Bhaskar spoke to ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) Principal Scientist Samiran Panda regarding the third wave and the new Delta Plus variant of the corona virus. Doctor Panda said that 'As per the indications so far, the third wave in the country will not be as deadly as the second wave, but it will happen only if people strictly follow the Corona guidelines'.

Question: What do you have to say on the third wave of Corona?

Answer: The third wave will come or not, it depends on our behavior. There can be many reasons for the arrival of the third wave of corona. A new variant of the virus can trick old immunity, which can lead to a sudden increase in the number of cases. Or the immunity acquired against the virus should gradually decrease. If the new variant becomes more infectious, it can rapidly increase cases in a short time.

Another reason could be that the lockdown which was imposed during the second wave was hastily removed. After this, if people are also careless without masks and social distancing, then the number of cases will increase rapidly.

It was talked about the reason for increasing the cases, but in the modeling exercise we have done, we have found that even if the third wave comes, it will not be as deadly as the second wave. The pace of vaccination should be accelerated, due to which the third wave will not reach the figures of the second wave.

Question: Can the delta plus variant cause a third wave?

I don't think the third wave will cause a delta plus. So far only about 50 patients of this variant have been found. Looking at the analysis of the areas where these cases have been found, it does not seem that it is spreading very fast. In such a situation, it is too early to say that due to this there will be a third wave. We know about the rapid spread of the delta variant from the second wave itself. After the mutation, it has become delta plus. If the third wave is to be avoided, then the vaccine and Kovid guidelines will have to be strictly followed.

Question: Is the current vaccine in the country effective against the Delta Plus variant?

Answer: According to the data available so far, there is no doubt that our vaccine is effective on the delta variant. Without data, it is too early to say how effective this will be on Delta Plus. Research is going on on this, after some time the effect of the vaccine on the plus variant will be fully known.

Question: When is the vaccine expected for 12 to 18 year olds?

Answer: Medical trial is going on on this right now. It would be right to say something only after its results are out. This is a matter of children, in this we should be patient.

Question: Will the third wave be fatal for children?

Answer: I cannot say whether the third wave will be fatal for children or not, but research is saying that the third wave will not be very fatal. If the speed of vaccination is increased further, then the third wave can also be controlled to a great extent.

Question: There are reports of fake vaccination coming from many places, what do you have to say on that?

Answer: Any thing is fake, whether it is food or drink or in writing. Those who are doing this with medicines-vaccination, such people should be put in jail. Adulteration should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Question: Is the pace of our vaccination fast enough that we will be able to vaccinate everyone before the third wave arrives?

Answer: The third wave comes after three months or after six months. She is not going to be very lethal. Suppose, not everyone got the vaccine and even if the third wave comes, the damage will not be much. Vaccines are being administered to people rapidly. Many people have had natural infections. In such a situation, a level of immunity has been created.

All the people of the country have to do to win the war against Corona is to use the mask properly. Do not wrap it around the neck, apply it properly. Keep sanitizing hands. Be sure to get the vaccine. The people of the country have to be careful, because we do not have to lose the match we have won.

[ This interview done between Dainik Bhaskar and ICMR head ]