Thiruvananthapuram beaches closed for public as oil leaked from factory spills into sea

Thiruvananthapuram beaches closed for public

Thiruvananthapuram beaches closed for public as oil leaked from factory spills into sea
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A glas furnace pipeline ruptured and oil leaked into the the sea at the Travancore Titanium Products factory in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The incident took place around 1 am on Wednesday.

A study by the Pollution Control Board found oil spilled up to two kilometers into the sea. Following this, the government has imposed a temporary ban for the public and tourists to the major tourist destinations in Thiruvananthapuram district, Veli and Shankhumugham beaches. The Coast Guard is also monitoring the incident.Fishermen said that the black furnace oil spilt into the two kilometres of the sea. They expressed their deep concern to local MLA VS Sivakumar, Titanium factory officials and the other representatives who reached the spot.

The fishermen said that a lot of fishes and sea turtles have been found dead on the seashore. They also demanded compensation from the government as are unable to fish while the oil is spilled in the sea.

Titanium factory officials said a leak in the pipeline was immediately discovered and closed. Currently, there is no oil leak. Efforts are being made to remove the furnace oil from the sea as soon as possible.A team of officials led by Thiruvananthapuram District Collector Navjot Khosa visited the oil spilled areas. The collector said the source of the oil leak was detected and closed quickly and this prevented the spreading of the oil into the sea on a large scale.

The Pollution Control Board is in discussions with experts regarding the removal of oil spills off the coast, the district collector said.Preliminary reports from the Coast Guard indicate that a large amount of oil has not been dumped into the sea due to the low tide. Instead, the spilled oil has spread along the coast. Apart from this, it has also mixed with the coastal soil.

The district collector said oily topsoil will be removed from the area soon. Currently, the oil is spread from the coastline of Vettukadu to Veli.

Titanium factory will use the excavators to move the oily topsoil to their own land, then will remove and dilute the oil with an oil neutraliser.

The company has been strictly instructed to complete this expeditiously. The oily soil will be removed from densely populated coastal areas first. Disaster Management Division Deputy Collector GK Suresh Kumar inspected the factory and instructed the company to immediately remove the oil that spread in the area.