Toofan: A bollywood movie degrading Hindutva and supporting Anti-Hindus

Bollywood is an old tool to whitewash the crimes of minorities in India

Toofan: A bollywood movie degrading Hindutva and supporting Anti-Hindus
Movie to justify love Jihad

In 21 Century, the mode of production pattern of Digital Entertainment industry has been changed. Bollywood is generally pro-islamic industry. We have observed that how cinema has destroyed the image of Hinduism in our society. Movies are being made to defame our rituals, traditions, values and culture. 

Today, Excel Entertainment had released it's movie "Toofan" on Amazon prime videos starring Farhan Akhtar and Mrunal Thakur as Sports Drama film but in reality the movie is white washing the brutal crime of minorities in India on the name of Inter religion marriage.

Ali aka Farhan Akhtar is being portrayed as a street goon working for his master. Some of the scenes from the movie has been mentioned below.

✓ Ali changed his goal post from a criminal to a boxer for a Hindu girl.

✓ Ali is forecasted as an innocent guy who became criminal because of exploitation and circumstances whereas the girl was open minded. 

✓ Physical relationship is being made before marriage.

✓ The girl's father is shown as Communal bigot who has built up a distrustful behaviour for a particular community.

✓ Ali is represented as Messiah for orphans. 

✓ Ali do disagree with his community forcing the Hindu girl to convert to perform Nikaah and to read Kalma.I

✓ In the end, Ali marries the girl in court without the acceptance of Girl's father. 

✓ Ali is forced by the circumstances that he got involved in match fixing and it is represented as he does everything for love.

✓ Ali fights against his society, friends, relatives to accept that Hindu girl.

✓ The baby girl of Ali is secular and she goes to temples and even apply "Tika" on several occasions.

Do "ALI" really exist in real life or it's a character played by Farhan Akhtar only to whitewash the series of crimes in the society on the name of "Inter religion marriage"? As per crime records and the circumstances in the society, ALI is only a fictional character. In a month aorund 47 cases came in limelight in Kerala and 20 cases came in limelight in Uttarpradesh.

We have come across several cases of and even frequent cases of divorce in inter religion marriages.

How can we forget "Late Nikita Tomar", "Neetu" and thousands of innocent girls who were being cheated or being killed by their own husband? 

In India, Bollywood has become a tool to whitewash the crimes of a particular community and to spread their communal prospective through digital means.

I strongly believe that such false narrative must be boycotted now and in future too.

Save Hindu girls ✊✊