Tulsi Manas temple's chief priest believes in racism, untouchability and interprets slokas of Vedas wrongly!

Tulsi Manas temple's chief priest believes in racism, untouchability and interprets slokas of Vedas wrongly!
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Untouchability & castism are the biggest enemy of Hinduism. From a long time, many people are spreading malicious sets of Non-Vedic traditions in the name of Sanatan Dharma. Batuprasad Sharma Shastri, Chief Priest of Tulsi Manas temple of Vanaras, was caught spreading untouchability, castism. He is the student of  Swami “Kirpatra Maharaj”, he was also the General Secretary of the scholar’s association at Vanaras. In the viral video, he called himself “Kattar Hindu Brahmin” and he proudly believes in caste system. He misrepresents slokas from Vedas and Manusmriti. 

According to Manusmriti 2:8

सर्वं तु समवेक्ष्येदं निखिलं ज्ञानचक्षुषा ।श्रुतिप्रामाण्यतो विद्वान्स्वधर्मे निविशेत वै । 

Which means -

every person should read and understand Vedas and Vedic books and trust them thereby staying on the path of "Dharma"

There are several instances where Manusmriti describes the Varna system based on Working principle not on birth.

Batuprasad also said, “ There is no right of education for women”. Let’s see what Vedic scripture says about women.

यथेमां वाचं कल्याणीमावदानि जनेभ्यः ब्रह्मराजन्याभ्या शूद्राय चार्याय च स्वाय चारणाय।। 

This mantra says that Shudras and women must be taught, Vedas are for everybody. 

In the video, that priest also said that Shudras can't learn, they can't read anything. This is a blatant lie. In fact, Skanda Purana Chapter 239 Verse 31-34 a sloke says “all are Shudras from birth, with sanskaras they become knowledgeable. By reading Vedas, by knowing Brahma (Ultimate truth) he became brahmin.”

जन्मना जायते शूद्रः

संस्कारात् भवेत् द्विजः |

वेद-पाठात् भवेत् विप्रः

ब्रह्म जानातीति ब्राह्मणः |

There are many instances when Shudra, Kshatriya became Brahmin. Eg. - Satyakama Jabala,  Maharshi Visvamitra etc. Earlier Christian Missionaries used to the wrong translation of Vedas in English to defame Hinduism. Now, so-called “Panditas” are doing the same thing for their own agenda. Batuprasad also used some absurd, meaningless arguments in support of his explanation. Like - the example of Pilots. He used the word 'Karma' to promote racism. There isn't a single sloke which supports his claim. These people are becoming a disease of the Hindu-Society. 

Opinion piece.