Covid Vaccine: Two Vaccines Won't, Three Vaccines Can Protect Some Patients, Survey Says

Covid Vaccine: Two Vaccines Won't, Three Vaccines Can Protect Some Patients, Survey Says
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There were questions about how safe the covid vaccine could be for transplanted people or people with cancer. It was found that most of these patients were not producing enough antibodies in their body even after taking 2 vaccines. But this time the light of hope! Recent research suggests that 3 vaccines instead of 2 may work well for these patients.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have recently studied those who have had organ transplants. They have seen the effect of the corona vaccine on their body. The study found that 1 in 3 patients did not produce any antibodies after 2 vaccines. Although 1 in 3 patients have antibodies in their body, the amount is very small. Dori Segev, a research team member, told the media, "There is no point in assuming that antibodies are not being produced even after two vaccines, meaning life is over!"

There is a reason behind his statement. Because the study of that university has shown that the amount of antibodies is increasing only if these patients are given 3 vaccines instead of 2.

However, the method of these 3 ticks is not yet recognized. According to Dori, the matter is being worked on quickly. A clear idea about the subject will be available in the coming days. But before that, researchers at Johns Hopkins University offer some advice for those who suffer from this type of problem. They are -

  1. The way the vaccine works for the rest of the family won't work for all these patients. Keep such a mental preparation from the beginning.
  2. Get out of the idea that you are completely safe this time because you have been vaccinated. Instead, follow the rules of hygiene.
  3. Many of these patients need to be vaccinated to stay healthy. So get a few blood tests on the advice of a doctor before getting vaccinated against covid.
  4. There may be some changes in the Covid vaccine in the coming days for people who have had an organ transplant or for cancer. Research has progressed a lot towards their successful vaccination. This survey shows a glimmer of hope.